EFT is Everybody’s Freedom Techniques

Surprisingly simple. Profoundly effective.  EFT helps you get free of past shock and stress; dump emotional baggage; and clear conditioning.  Learn how to tap away what you are not to reveal the best of what you are.

Help Yourself with EFT

EFT to Help Yourself

Are you curious? Perhaps you’ve heard about EFT and are wondering what it is all about? Are you sceptical that
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Help Others with EFT

EFT to Help Others

If you are a people-helper, therapist, coach or teacher are you interested in how EFT can help you to be
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Gwyneth Moss and Dan de Leon

Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth has a new vision of EFT that is simple, clear and clean. Internationally acclaimed as a teacher she offers
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Recent EFT Articles

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EFT Training Courses, Retreats and Workshops

Clear, thorough EFT Practitioner Training to EFT Guild standards. Inspiring, innovative advanced EFT workshops.  Nurturing and affirming EFT retreats.   Gwyneth brings you EFT at its best.  USA Workshops Here

EFT Training Part 2

EFT Training Part One

10/11th October 2015. Five places remaining. Yorkshire. Choose the best to get you started on your EFT journey.
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EFT Tapping Points

EFT Training Part One

7/8th November 2015. Learn how to help yourself and others get free of the past and clear your conditioning.
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EFT training class

EFT Training Part Two

28/29th November 2015. Helping people to clear false-truths about themselves, others and life is liberating. Learn more practical life affirming
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Dancer at Waterfall

Blow Your Own Trumpet

22-24th November 2015 small group residential retreat in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. Let the music of your soul play through
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New Vision EFT

31st October 2015 Gwyneth comes to the USA for advanced workshops in Hoboken NJ. Learn a new vision for the
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peacock tail up after EFT

Self Compassion EFT

1st November 2015, Hoboken NJ. Lost parts of ourselves are healed by Self-Compassion. Learn Gwyneth’s profound EFT process to turn
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Peacock tail fan

EFT Constellations

2nd November 2015, Hoboken NJ. Family Constellation group work using EFT across space and time to mend the tears in
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Kris Ferraro presents at EFT Gathering

Stop Waiting: Start Living

29th January. Kris Ferraro US energy healer brings us her blend of energy medicine, energy psychology and spiritual practice.
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Gwyneth Moss presents at EFT Gathering

The EFT Gathering

30/31 January, York. The EFT Gathering is the premier national EFT conference with top international presenters and fabulous community spirit
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We are all connected

EFT Constellations

1st Feb at the EFT Gathering. Family Constellation group work using EFT across space and time to mend the tears
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Gwyneth’s EFT Video sets

Watching these videos is like being part of a weekend training course or retreat.  These are videos you will want to watch over and over again because each time you learn something more.  Designed to accompany Gwyneth’s EFT training courses, these videos are also for anyone wanting to know more about EFT and get started with tapping.

EFT Helps set of 10 videos

EFT Helps

The original EFT Helps tapping dvds invite you to join Gwyneth and the EFT helps group of nine.  Watch and

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EFT Training Companion DVDs Vol2

EFT Training Companion: Volume Two

This second volume builds on the teaching in Volume One which should be viewed first. Gwyneth teaches the structure of

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EFT Training Companion Vol1

EFT Training Companion: Volume One

Clear and engaging teaching from top EFT trainer Gwyneth Moss.  An EFT Training Companion Volume One is the two day

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